Selected poems from 'Tabular Rasa' by Jeff Raheb

  • Havana      
  • Paro Dzhong - Bhutan      
  • Dal Lake - Kashmir      
  • Bamboo      
  • The Center      
  • I Pour You A Cup Of Tea      
  • For The Women Of Bosnia      
  • You Say It Is Raining      
  • Zimbabwe      
  • The Comet      
  • Pygmalion      
  • Ganges      
  • Nasca - Peru      
  • Zu Twa Szi      
  • Body Rain      
  • The Shadow Puppet (Jogjakarta )                      
  • Songkla - Thailand      
  • 5 Haikus
  • The Comet

    Your eyes burn through me
    with the light of a billion stars
    glistening in the blackness of eternity

    I am drunk on the scent of your breath
    You whisper my name with your smile
    I whisper your name to the sky
    and to the drops of rain
    as they splash against my desire for you
    carrying it to all the rivers and seas
    and back into the sky
    to pour down into your mouth
    and over your body

    We sit in Cafe Sha Sha
    the candle at your fingertips
    teasing the flame

    I burn

    Your fingers pass over me
    I want to spread you across the night
    and rise through you
    like a shower of comets
    Woman who has my soul

    When you were gone
    even the sparrows wept with me
    My guitar held it's breath for your return
    Now your laughter travels
    down the corners of my mouth
    like sweetness from a fresh fig

    I drink your playfulness like wine
    picked in the ripeness
    of a hot summer kiss
    You who are my endless caress
    Your eternal eyes
    lick the night
    with the sound of my happiness

    Copyright 2004 Jeff Raheb