Selected poems from 'Tabular Rasa' by Jeff Raheb

  • Havana      
  • Paro Dzhong - Bhutan      
  • Dal Lake - Kashmir      
  • Bamboo      
  • The Center      
  • I Pour You A Cup Of Tea      
  • For The Women Of Bosnia      
  • You Say It Is Raining      
  • Zimbabwe      
  • The Comet      
  • Pygmalion      
  • Ganges      
  • Nasca - Peru      
  • Zu Twa Szi      
  • Body Rain      
  • The Shadow Puppet (Jogjakarta )                      
  • Songkla - Thailand      
  • 5 Haikus
  • Songkla

    my Japanese friend returns to his room
    I sit in mine
    listening to the sound of rotting wood
    Then she comes again
    sneaking past the sleeping attendant
    she looks 14
    'You want make nice nice'
    No, I don't want 'nice nice', I say again
    She laughs
    I refuse, leave my gray fungus covered hotel
    walk into a temple
    Rows of orange robed monks sit all around
    Death not a mystery
    He lies in front of me
    Burning in his saffron robe
    Orange smoke spiraling up
    joining night clouds and moon
    At midnight
    they will come and take his bones
    Not a mystery
    later, I sit with Buddhist children
    playing a guitar
    They sing melodies of the east
    our voices spiraling up
    joining orange clouds and saffron moon

    It is not yet midnight

    Copyright 2004 Jeff Raheb