The Jeff Raheb Jazz Orchestra - 'Topaz Under Moon'

"Best artist produced release of 2001"
- Lazaro Vega, 12/2001 Blue Lake Public Radio Twin Lake, MI

"Among the best of the recent big band releases on Compact Disc"
- Jack Bowers, 10/2001 All About Jazz

"Have no doubt that this ferocious advance into cutting edge terrain; advancing the confluence of jazz and classical music,
is impressive in its energy, confidence and uncompromising belief in its cause. This is a spectacularly recorded set."
- John Killoch MainlyBigBands

Topaz Under Moon demands much and, in doing so, achieves much. Jeff Raheb's writing, David Liebman's solo features,
and the band's interplay in between, all require a highly committed immersion by listeners.
You will be tremendously satiated by Topaz Under Moon.
- Gregory J. Robb, 4/2005 Jazz Improv Magazine

"The orchestra is very sharp. The solos and section work are first-rate , and his tunes will quickly grab you.
Raheb's writing is eclectic and exotic. This is an exciting and almost too intense experience."
- Dave Marcus Audiophile Voice Magazine

"One of the most gifted jazz composers living today." Sue Terry

"Each piece has its moments of beauty, power, excitement and charm, while the ensemble as a whole is solid as Gibraltar."
- Jack Bowers, 02/2002 Cadence Magazine

"From out of nowhere, unheard of, unheralded and in the midst of Brooklyn (my home town!!);
great and unusually uniform writing by Raheb; everything sounds of the same cloth but with variations.
A lot of unity and substance." Dave Liebman

"Great! The band sounds wonderful and the writing is also great." Oliver Lake

"One of the best big band CD's that I've heard. The writing is awesome and the band performs it incredibly."
Scott Gwinnell Detroit, MI

"A collection of works of such creative audacity, innovation and beauty.
The balanced and virtually seamless way he manages to make the written elements of his arrangements sound improvised
is masterful and certainly reflective of a brilliant musical sensibility.     A gifted composer."
- Christopher B. Augustine, Portland, OR