Selected poems from 'Tabular Rasa' by Jeff Raheb

  • Havana      
  • Paro Dzhong - Bhutan      
  • Dal Lake - Kashmir      
  • Bamboo      
  • The Center      
  • I Pour You A Cup Of Tea      
  • For The Women Of Bosnia      
  • You Say It Is Raining      
  • Zimbabwe      
  • The Comet      
  • Pygmalion      
  • Ganges      
  • Nasca - Peru      
  • Zu Twa Szi      
  • Body Rain      
  • The Shadow Puppet (Jogjakarta )                      
  • Songkla - Thailand      
  • 5 Haikus
  • Pygmalion

    On a balcony
    Wrapped in the contours
    of a Brahms piano trio
    between the silent Buddha
    and the ancient gaze of Assyria
    you stood
    Long curly-black hair
    framing your beauty
    caressing the galaxy-depth
    of your enchanting eyes

    I watched and listened
    You told me your name was Cindy
    I believed you
    How could I doubt it
    Suspended there
    above the invisible crowds below
    As from the hands of Pygmalion

    Standing by the horizontally hung colors
    of Rodin
    We met again
    This time you smiled
    we talked of music
    and the Chocolate Hills of Bohol
    Sweet like your lips
    I remember
    It was the beginning

    Still later
    under a full moon
    against the salt-less wind
    You entered my dream
    And my sail opened
    to wrap around your being

    Copyright 2004 Jeff Raheb